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Rare Board Approval

The Society for Advancement of Consulting® (SAC®) has announced three members have achieved the rare Board Approved designation. This approval means that the consultant has worked in a specialized area for a considerable length of time...

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"We needed to reduce the cycle time for a critical portion of our order acceptance process.  Dave managed our re-engineering effort which resulted in fully defining our manufacturing capabilities and reducing our cycle time from 5 days to 1.  This increased customer satisfaction and provided the foundation for our new configurator initiative."


Bruce Crawford, Director

Customer Order Mgmt


 “We purchased a configurator as part of a new ERP system and called Dave to help us implement it.  He quickly showed us how this new configurator module would not work for our unique products.  After helping us get our money back for this module, he determined what we needed from  a configurator system so we could seamlessly address our operational problems across our enterprise.  I was delighted with the way he engaged our entire management team to understand our issues and develop an implementation plan. Within days, the energy level within my group was re-energized and Dave had pointed us in the direction we needed to go, not only to allow us to grow our business but to achieve a streamline & efficient configurator.”


Guy Gandenberger

VP, Sales & Marketing

What Companies Crave

If your company offers configurable order configurations, you are undoubtedly looking for ways to: 

  • Respond to more bids in a shorter lead time

  • Properly set your customer's expectations about what you can offer

  • Increase your order "win" rate

  • Get buildable orders into the order backlog more quickly

  • Process your orders more efficiently through Order Administration and Operations

  • Ensure you understand your order configuration profit potential before you accept an order

  • Dramatically reduce the Engineering content per order configuration

  • Free up Engineering resources to work on new products and enhancements for existing products rather than being limited to supporting order demand

  • Reduce Engineering errors that affect downstream supply chain and operations efforts

  • Smooth the production flow and eliminate production delays due to missing parts

  • Get more capacity out of the same physical assets

Transforming a company from its current state to become a lean, efficient organization involves new thinking, new technology, and a highly-focused effort. 

mass-customization-expert help manufacturers conquer the challenges that plague their configurable products.

mass-customization-expert will save your enterprise time and money, help you avoid unnecessary, costly and avoidable mistakes and give your organization the best opportunity for successful mass customization implementation. 

Mass customization includes build-to-order, assemble-to-order, configure-to-order,  and involves the transformation from engineer-to-order to mass customization.

If you have either embarked on or are about to embark on a journey to implement mass customization and a configurator,

If your situation is urgent, complex, or, if your configurability challenges have lingered for years,

you need to call






Configurators for Mass Customization


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Margin Leaks Hurt Profits of Manufacturers of "Build-to-Order" Products

Mass Customization: ERP Implementation Challenges and What to Do About It

Why 21st Century Manufacturers Can’t Ignore Mass Customization

Selling Mass Customization





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"Our system for selecting features and options was near non-existent and operations consistently in gridlock.  Dave designed and implemented a system that not only solved these problems, but satisfied everyone's information needs"


Robert Duncan,

Chairman & CEO


"Dave Gardner can save his clients a lot of money. What he does is complex and sophisticated, usually affecting every organization in a company. This requires collaboration, teamwork, a hands-on understanding of the implications of certain process decisions, and careful examination of the trade-offs of different approaches. He has a keen understanding of how companies operate and the information hand-offs from group to group. Dave brings a lot of intellectual property to the table, a rarity in his consulting space."

Alan Weiss, Ph.D.  Consultant & Author:

"Million Dollar Consulting"